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Chapters and challenges in life.

Many people have found 2016 to be not their favorite year. With things like election results in the US and the UK to celebrity deaths and other challenges, many are looking for a fresh start.

Although I can understand how some feel, I can not add my name to that list. For the following reasons:

I finally got a full-time job again with benefits which has helped to take quite a bit of stress off, both financially and mentally.

I’m involved with an organization that is changing and renovating to meet the needs of its clients now and into the future. They are doing this on time and on budget with amazing support in the community.

This year has had it’s challengings.

We lost another good friend this year but we were blessed with additional time thanks to someone else signing a donor card 10+ years ago.

Being unable to find full-time work in the first quarter of the year which led to the difficult decision to sell our house and downsize to a rental townhouse. In addition post move Alicia got sick and I was still dealing with the stress of a job hunt.

The most major challenge revealed itself several weeks ago.

I also realized that I was getting more tired by the end of every day. At first I though it was my body coming off the stress upon finding full-time work. However, symptoms continued long into the fall. A chance remark by a friend who I was having coffee with finally made me take action and see my doctor. We were having coffee and she asked how long I’d been using 3 packets of sugar. In that moment, I realized I did not know how long I had been drinking coffee with that much sugar. Normally I would use one packet of sugar.

Upon getting home I told Alicia about this and she agreed I should go see my doctor. I had been debating it since I had been unable to shake the flu bug I had for about 3 weeks. After the appointment and subsequent blood test, I got a call from the Doctor telling me to come in later that week.

The tests had shown I had alarmingly high blood sugars. The Doctor diagnosed me with pre-diabetes. It is a surprisingly common thing that can happen particularly as one gets older and the symptom’s matched what I had been feeling. Now knowing what the problem was we could attack the issue.

I got myself a blood glucose meter and onto a  med which will help bring the sugar levels to a more acceptable range.  An appointment has been scheduled for a dietitian in January to go over what adjustments that need to happen with my diet. Over the last year I’ve been trying to eat healthier, and looking back now it was the times I had a lot of sweet stuff (I can have a sweet tooth on occasion) was when I noticed the side effects of a sugar crash.

I have lost 20+ pounds over the last year and the Doctor would like me to lose some more. I certainly think this goal is possible. It’s been two weeks since the diagnoses and for the first time in many months, I’m starting to feel a bit more ‘normal’. Wanting to get those old levels of energy back is more than enough motivation to take me through the changes in this next chapter of life.

Looking forward to 2017 and the things it will bring.

Surface Pro 3 Quick Review

The Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft’s third version of their tablet device.

The model I reviewed features a 12” touchscreen, an I5 processor, 4gb of ram and 64gb of SSD storage. The unit weighs in at a respectable 1.76lbs

Microsoft is advertising this unit as a laptop replacement, specifically Apples Macbook Air. Having used a MacBook Air for close to two years, I was curious to see if the Surface Pro 3 lived up to the hype.

A first glance the unit does seem very compelling, for many people these days this is all the computer they need. The ability to plug it into a docking station makes it suitable for use as a workstation during the day and then unplug to take home for other uses at night.

The Surface runs Windows 10 and runs it quite well. Performance is similar to a desktop for standard apps like web browsers and Microsoft Office. Video services like Netflix and Youtube also run very well.

Windows 10 will sense if you remove the keyboard and will offer to put the unit into tablet mode, which aids in making the touch interface easier to use.

Tablet mode includes the following features. (List provided by Reddit user “silentcrs”)

  • Keyboard automatically opens
  • Maximizes windows by default.
  • Makes start menu tiles and taskbar targets larger for touch.
  • Allows you to close apps by dragging from the top.
  • Split apps (“see-saw”) equally across the screen when opening two or more apps; lets you resize these apps using the separator bar instead of trying to find the edge of each window.

Now for the stuff that I find annoying.

The keyboard cover is a nice piece of kit with a well-made keyboard with good travel on the keys. Being a keyboard snob, this impresses me quite a bit.

If you are using the surface on a table this works very well. However unlike a laptop there is no way to adjust the position, so working on it anywhere else like your lap is very difficult.

The most annoying thing of the MS Surface experience has to be the power management. In particularly the seemingly random way the surface will decide to go into sleep mode. Now I’m spoiled as I use a MacBook as a primary laptop and the sleep mode there just works. I can close the lid and the unit holds the charge for days. With the surface even though Microsoft has issues updates to fix this issue, sleep mode still is hit and miss. I have found it very frustrated to take the Surface out of the house to find when the battery has been drained. The recommended solution is to shut the unit down complete or try hibernation mode. In short, this is an issue that Microsoft should have solved by now and I’m very disappointed in that.

Overall, if Microsoft can solve the power issues and create a keyboard that could allow me to use the Surface on my lap then it would be a better option for me. It is a very compelling option for some people depending on their work style,

In the end, my perfect machine still does not exist. Something the size and weight of a Mac Air which would allow the screen to flip all the back into a tablet mode.

My thanks to for the use of the review unit.

Forcing a Windows 10 upgrade on users

Microsoft has made no secret of the fact that they want as many PC’s as possible to upgrade to the company’s latest Operating system Windows 10. Having more of your user base on the latest version of your O/S makes sense in many ways.

What is not OK is the manner of which they are doing it. Recently Microsoft made a small change in the way the upgrade notification is displayed. Previously a dialog box would appear on the bottom right of your screen asking you if you wanted to upgrade. Closing this window would prevent the upgrade from happening.

Now they have changed what is in the dialog boxes. You are now presented with a date and time when your PC will be upgraded. The two choices displayed are “Upgrade Now” or “Ok”. Also in very small text just above that is an option to change or cancel the upgrade. Closing the window will still allow the upgrade to proceed at the time displayed. This behavior is very similar to what ‘crapware’ and ‘spyware’ vendors to get people to download their products.

win 10 upgrade 2

I’ve seen many people already hit by this and although many times the upgrade works, it is not right for Microsoft to do this automatically without a clear consent to the user.

For various reasons if you don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10, there is several free utilities that can help. The one I recommend is “Never 10” from Steve Gibson. Steve is a security professional and is highly trusted in the IT world. You download this very small program and then run it. You click on the “Disable Win10 upgrade” button and you are done.

If you decide in future you want the Windows 10 upgrade, you can run the program again and re-enable the upgrade.

The program will also tell you if there are any Windows 10 install files that have already been downloaded and offer to remove them. This can save you several gigs of disk space.

Although Windows 10 has proven to be popular, I’m very disappointed in Microsoft in choosing to engage in this sort of behavior. Fortunately, there are workarounds that can help with this issue.

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