I have written several books and e-guides available from Amazon Kindle Publishing. Self-publishing gives authors the opportunity to make their work available to the world without having to use a traditional publishing model. It is something I am going to continue to experiment with.

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Backing up your device with Google Photos

A quick guide I wrote after constantly hearing about people losing photos when their phone is lost or breaks.  With this guide, you can use Google Photos to backup your phone seamlessly. Best of all you can set this up at no cost.  There are no more excuses.

PDF- Download – Free 

Backup and Disaster Recovery Tips.
A 30+ page collection of articles on backup and disaster recovery over the last few years. A perfect gift for someone who needs a little extra ‘convincing’ to set up a backup system.

PDF Download – $2.99 Cdn – after payment you will get a download link emailed to you.
Kindle Download – Via Amazon

Getting Back to the GTD Basics.
A short e-guide on how to get back on the Getting Things Done (GTD) system pioneered by David Alan. Available as a PDF or Amazon Kindle download.

PDF Download $1.99 Cdn –  after payment you will get a download link emailed to you.
Kindle Download $1.99 Cdn – via Amazon

Solar System for Kids
A basic guide to the solar system written for the younger reader. Kids will love the photos taken courtesy of NASA. Some fun facts to do with the planets and astronomy.

Kindle Download $2.99 Cdn – via Amazon