Women and People of Color should be treated the same as white men. Until they are treated the same, we as white men are ‘privileged’. We should do all we can to change this.

How difficult to understand that everyone regardless of sex, race or anything else should be treated equally. That’s it, it’s really that simple. It’s the 21st century and Women still make between 65% to 75% of what Men do for the same job. People of Color have to put up with so much more crap then white folks just based on skin color.

It’s unbelievable in this modern age we are still having to deal with this instead of moving on and solving other issues. And frankly, I’m getting tired of hearing excuses and whining from those who feel threatened by change. Grow up, and if you can’t then please don’t waste my time with excuses. The world has far too many important things to do then put up with this.