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The Podcast Ep. 01 Posting Fire Code Violations

My first episode of putting some of my casual thoughts on topics of the day down in podcast format. These will vary in length.  Tonight’s, for example, is under 4 min.

This time. London City Council and posting fire code violations.


Rant of the Day July 9th

Heard on a talk radio show this morning.  The host was trying to link the Liberals with  a senior staffer who worked with the provincial government who was charged with offences to do with child porn.

Do you really think the Liberals knew about the police investigation before hand.  How would they know what one of there employees did.   Would they knowingly hire someone if they knew that.

Would any party or business do this?


Give your head a shake…..

Candidates and Twitter

Social media is playing a larger role for candidates to get their message out. Twitter in particular has allowed candidates to engage in conversation with the community about why they are running and what policies they support.

As keeping a dialog going on Twitter can be time consuming some candidates during an election will have their staff tweet for them. For things such as press releases, event notifications etc, this is fine. However to keep transparency, candidates should put on their twitter profile is they alone and/or staff will post to twitter using the candidates account.  It is also recommend that if it is staff tweeting that should be clear in the tweet by posting their initials at the end of the of the message.

I will be requesting this information from the candidates running in London and area ridings who I know have a twitter account.  As I get the information back I’ll update the results on this spreadsheet.

Thanks all.

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