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Don’t fill out Facebook Quizzes

Krebs on security has a great blog post that reminds us not to fill out those Facebook quizzes that seen to pop up in the feed all the time.

Social media sites are littered with seemingly innocuous little quizzes, games and surveys urging people to reminisce about specific topics, such as “What was your first job,” or “What was your first car?” The problem with participating in these informal surveys is that in doing so you may be inadvertently giving away the answers to “secret questions” that can be used to unlock access to a host of your online identities and accounts.

I’ve been saying this for years.

Random Thought April 23 2014 – If you are pissing people off….



Particularly if insults and trolling are all they can add to the conversation. I disagree with many things but I don’t resort to name calling.  Something some people need to think about. Sometimes it’s worth pausing before hitting that send button.




Think Social Media Doesn’t Work?


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For those who think social media doesn’t work…. On Tuesday August 1st 2011.

  • Two people asked where they can get umbrella’s downtown as rain was starting to fall; Novak’s replied. Result probably two sales and possibly more.
  • Several people noted a error about the Urban League of London in a London Free Press story. The Free Press was informed and corrected the story.
  • 2 people had an interesting conversation/debate about how tattoos and other symbols on a person affects other people’s perception of that person.

Not too bad at all. Makes my happy that this technology and method of engagement exists.

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