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Of Pens and Resolutions

I don’t tend to make New Year’s resolutions. This was because in the past I tended to over reach and never followed through on the resolution.  These days I tend to make changes when I find a change is needed.  Sometimes it takes something happening to force the change.

Take this morning for example.  Doing some paperwork and I reach for a pen to sign something. Like many people my pen container resembles something like this.


A whole mix of assorted pens, highlighters and other things all jammed in.  Reach for one pen, it doesn’t work, reach for a second one; the same result.  Finally on the third attempt I get a working pen.  I put that pen back and am about to put the other two back when I stop.  Why am I putting two pens back that don’t work?

These two pens were freebies either obtained at a conference or a trade show, and one of them had no way to open it.  So I made the conscious effort to throw them out.  I will try to keep this in mind in future as I bet a good portion of these pens do not work any more. In addition this will help in a small way with the clutter and another step to a more productive workspace.

I do have a few favorite pens and for those that don’t work right away I’ll try some of the tips given in Wiki How’s tips on how to restart a dry ball point pen.   For those I will throw out and have a small spring, this tip on keeping your charger cable from fraying is genius.

New Desk

For almost 10 years I’ve used the same desk at home. I originally bought it for the way it could handle a lager CRT monitor. In particular the corner design saved quite a bit of space.


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