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Dalton Resigns

Well a very unexpected turn of events in Ontario Politics.  Premier Dalton McGuinty announced that he is proroguing the Ontario legislature and resigned as Premier and Liberal Party Leader. His full statement is now available.

While I’m not happy about a prorogue of the legislature, I can see why the premier would decide to do this.  16years is a long time to be leader (he is the 2nd longest serving Liberal premier in the province).  As well there are very few times a government in power can continue to do well past several terms.  There are many things the Librerals have done in the last 9 years that I’m happy about, however lately they have done some things that don’t make sense at least to me.

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Drummond Report Part 3

One of the common threads throughout the various recommendations across all government ministries is the desire to find a better way of doing things.  This covers many forms but the report made sure to not recommend across the board cuts or a hiring freeze.  They feel that this only offers short term gains and will not be sustainable for the 7-8 years need to get back to balanced spending. Instead they are recommending making objectives more more evidence based. “The government should collect data and use it to evaluate whether objectives are being met and how efficiently.”

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Drummond Report Part 2

As I mentioned in Part 1 of this series, it is important to look at the report with an open mind.  You don’t have to agree with all of it but at least realize that some out of the box thinking may be worthwhile. I was planning to get to some of the details of the report but reviewing my notes it’s clear more of the mandate and general observations should be covered.

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