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The London Bubble

Talking with some people at the CBC London studios for their first day on the air last week the topic of how outsiders view London as opposed to people that have lived here for quite a while came up.

There was a mix of people in the group. One person who has been here about 6 years can’t get over how much Londoners beat up their own town. He has found many amazing things that London has going for it.

Is this a case of the grass is always greener on the other side? Several of the staff at CBC London are new to the city and it will be interesting to see what their views are at various times over the next year as they discover what the city has to offer.

London has its challenges but we also have a lot going for it. We need to break out of the bubbles we seem to get ourselves into. We have to open our minds to ideas from all sides. Take the time to listen to them.


Random Thought June 18 2015 – On Inspiration

dawn with stars

It’s been a very long week which did not start well and I’m realizing that I’m not as young anymore. I broke my own rule on knowing when to slow down and I have been paying the price physically and mentally in the last 24 hours.

However tomorrow brings more things and I look forward to it.

So why do we continue?

  • We continue because we want to be inspired.
  • We continue because we want others to be inspired.
  • We continue because the alternative is not acceptable to us.
  • We continue in spite of the negativity.
  • We continue because of the negativity.
  • We continue because we are not perfect but we know we can play a part in making our communities better.
  • We continue because we see others facing a much more challenging journey and yet they continue.
  • We continue because we do want to make things better.



Random Thought May 14th 2015


Celebrate the small victories as much as the larger ones, for they are still steps on the journey.



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