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The Podcast Ep. 01 Posting Fire Code Violations

My first episode of putting some of my casual thoughts on topics of the day down in podcast format. These will vary in length.  Tonight’s, for example, is under 4 min.

This time. London City Council and posting fire code violations.


A Morning with Vimy Flight

To historians,  just over 100 years ago Canada established itself as a nation with its success in the battle of Vimy Ridge in April 1917 during the First World War. Part of the success was the use of airpower that was in its infancy.  These early primitive machines helped paved the way for further advances in flight for both civilian and military use.

Vimy Flight is a collection of replica WW1 fighter aircraft that went over to France and flew over the battlefield during the commemoration ceremonies for the battle of Vimy Ridge last April.  They are now doing a cross Canada tour which included a stopover at London International Airport this weekend.

Two Nieuport II fighters were on display at 427 Wing at the airport.  When I arrived they were in the process of moving them from the hangar where they were kept overnight to a grassy area by the 427 Wing building for the public to see.

The first thing I always find striking with WW1 fighters is how small they are, in particular, these Nieuport’s.  The second thing is how primitive the controls and construction was.  While some modern instruments such as a radio have been put into the cockpits, it’s still a far cry on what one sees in a modern fighter.

A very worthwhile diversion for a Sunday morning.

The London Bubble

Talking with some people at the CBC London studios for their first day on the air last week the topic of how outsiders view London as opposed to people that have lived here for quite a while came up.

There was a mix of people in the group. One person who has been here about 6 years can’t get over how much Londoners beat up their own town. He has found many amazing things that London has going for it.

Is this a case of the grass is always greener on the other side? Several of the staff at CBC London are new to the city and it will be interesting to see what their views are at various times over the next year as they discover what the city has to offer.

London has its challenges but we also have a lot going for it. We need to break out of the bubbles we seem to get ourselves into. We have to open our minds to ideas from all sides. Take the time to listen to them.


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