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Think Smartwatches Are Dumb? They Saved These Peoples’ Lives

Caitlin McGarry writing in Tom’s Hardware brings us some examples of a very important aspect of smartwatches. – Health Monitoring.

Currently, smartwatches from Apple, Fitbit and others can tell you your heart rate and track your workouts. Some can even analyze your sleep. But these companies want to go beyond the basics by developing ways to tell you when something is wrong. A smartwatch could even diagnose your condition all on its own.

In fact, it’s already happening.

As each generation of smartwatch comes out it’s another example of mass market driving product size and prices down to help people.  The article also goes into detail about some other advances going on in both research and regulation.


Drummond Report Part 3

One of the common threads throughout the various recommendations across all government ministries is the desire to find a better way of doing things. ¬†This covers many forms but the report made sure to not recommend across the board cuts or a hiring freeze. ¬†They feel that this only offers short term gains and will not be sustainable for the 7-8 years need to get back to balanced spending. Instead they are recommending making objectives more more evidence based. “The government should collect data and use it to evaluate whether objectives are being met and how efficiently.”

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