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Letter on Dingman Drive proposal

Below the fold is my letter I have sent to Mayor Fontana and all members of London City Council with my concerns about this new shopping centre proposal for Weillington and Dingman Drive.

I’ll let you know if I get any replys.

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Drummond Report Part 3

One of the common threads throughout the various recommendations across all government ministries is the desire to find a better way of doing things.  This covers many forms but the report made sure to not recommend across the board cuts or a hiring freeze.  They feel that this only offers short term gains and will not be sustainable for the 7-8 years need to get back to balanced spending. Instead they are recommending making objectives more more evidence based. “The government should collect data and use it to evaluate whether objectives are being met and how efficiently.”

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Drummond Report Part 1

Yesterday the Drummond report was released. The 543 page document including 362 recommendations from a four member panel commissioned to look at where Ontario’s Public Services are and where they and the province (and by definition that means us) is heading.  To say they left no stone unturned is a bit of an understatement. I was up late  just digesting the executive summary before moving on to some of the detailed sections.




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