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Election Night

(I had written this to both Twitter and Facebook earlier tonight, but I think it’s work reposting here)

I think election night is one of those nights that everyone on social media gets a free pass to rant. Emotions are running high on both sides. Just remember we all have to live with each other tomorrow and we can’t change the results.

The voters have spoken for better or for worse. This does not mean if you are not happy you give up. It means if you think the government of the day is not doing their job then you make them know that. Do it in a way that does not involve name-calling. Stick to facts.

There have been good and bad candidates in all parties which means there are good and bad candidates that have been elected. Remember almost all of them ran to serve.

Double check things you read. Get to know your MPP, ask them to be involved in their communities, the good ones will want to know what is going on. Make sure they and the community at large know about the challenges that many people in this province face. We have never been in a better era to let these sort of messages be heard. (for better or for worse). Be well.

Candidates and Twitter

Social media is playing a larger role for candidates to get their message out. Twitter in particular has allowed candidates to engage in conversation with the community about why they are running and what policies they support.

As keeping a dialog going on Twitter can be time consuming some candidates during an election will have their staff tweet for them. For things such as press releases, event notifications etc, this is fine. However to keep transparency, candidates should put on their twitter profile is they alone and/or staff will post to twitter using the candidates account.  It is also recommend that if it is staff tweeting that should be clear in the tweet by posting their initials at the end of the of the message.

I will be requesting this information from the candidates running in London and area ridings who I know have a twitter account.  As I get the information back I’ll update the results on this spreadsheet.

Thanks all.

Election Day, Be a part of it.

Today millions of Canadians will be enjoy a right that many in the world do not have. Canadians will have heard from all the campaigns, the media and hopefully will have made an informed decision.

No matter what please take the time today to learn about the candidates and then go and vote. If you don’t vote you can’t complain.

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