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Think Smartwatches Are Dumb? They Saved These Peoples’ Lives

Caitlin McGarry writing in Tom’s Hardware brings us some examples of a very important aspect of smartwatches. – Health Monitoring.

Currently, smartwatches from Apple, Fitbit and others can tell you your heart rate and track your workouts. Some can even analyze your sleep. But these companies want to go beyond the basics by developing ways to tell you when something is wrong. A smartwatch could even diagnose your condition all on its own.

In fact, it’s already happening.

As each generation of smartwatch comes out it’s another example of mass market driving product size and prices down to help people.  The article also goes into detail about some other advances going on in both research and regulation.


R.I.P. Steve Jobs

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Do not therefore consider this life as an object of any moment. Look back on the immense gulf of time already past; and forwards, to that infinite duration yet to come, and you will find how trifling the difference is between a life of three days and of three ages.

Let us then employ properly this moment of time allotted us by fate, and leave the world contentedly; like a ripe olive dropping from its stalk, speaking well of the soil that produced it, and of the tree that bore it.

-Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Initial Thoughts on the iPad2 announcement

Last year when Apple first announced the iPad I blogged my initial reaction to the product. After a year and having had several opportunities to use the iPad for various lengths of time, some of my options have changed with time.

Last week Apple announced the iPad2 and I have some quick initial thoughts from seeing the keynote and reading up on some of the tech sites.

Multitasking – This has been solved with software, although the new processor will greatly help this. As the owner of of a non multitasking iPhone 3, that have been several occasions where I wanted multi-tasking.

Cameras – A logical addition that should have been on the first iPad.  The new unit has front and read facing cameras.  I think the front camera is going to be used by far more people using Facetime.

Flash plugin – Still not available and likely not to appear anytime soon as Steve Jobs has said it will not be on the device.  More and more sites are going to html5 and if one needs flash there are ways to do it from what I understand.

iPad 2 is thinner and a bit lighter. One of the things I noticed about the original iPad is that it seemed a just a bit too heavy. This may be more of a personal thing but I’m not the only one I’ve heard say that.

One of my original concerns with the iPad was what role in would serve, in particular I wondered if it could replace a netbook.  After having a chance to play with some friends iPad’s, I feel now it can be used in place as a netbook or laptop for most general purposes.  if you want a laptop to do gaming or heavy coding then the iPad still is not the best choice.

Once the iPads start shipping to people it will be interesting to see what their reactions will be.

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