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My Weather Station


** Update Feb. 27, 2018 – The weather sensor outside had been slowly failing over the last few months. I made the decision to shut it down.  I hope to replace the weather station one day soon.

Welcome CBC Radio and London Free Press readers.

My main weather page is located at or via the top menu bar. Feel free to add this page to your bookmarks as it’s address will not change.

I have had a weather related web page for the better part of a decade and several years ago stepped it up with a weather station in my backyard.

The station is an Acurite 1035 that I got from Costco for just under $100. I have not seen them there in a while but you could always order online.

The unit has the outdoor mountable unit which connects wirelessly to the main display. The display has a USB connection which connects to an old Asus Netbook running Windows 7. The accu-link software allows me to display and upload current conditions from the weather station to the internet.

The Weather Underground PWS (Personal Weather Station) network has an option that interfaces with accu-link, allowing I to upload my data to the Weather Underground network. Weather underground archives the historical data allowing people to see historical trends. They also give me various ways to display my weather station data.

Weather Underground also allows you to view weather station data as part of its maps. It’s amazing to see temperature and wind changes across the region as a storm front moves through.

Here is a page of the area showing radar, storm tracks and  local weather station data.

I also write (rant?) about whatever interests me on the main blog and I have a technology related business/blog at

Curiosity has landed on Mars

NASA and JPL’s latest Mars Probe Curiosity has just landed on Mars and I and many others all held our collective breath as the probe reported back that it had landed and everything was looking good.  I’m always amazed to see a probe land within a very small target after travelling for millions of miles.

This is why science is cool.

A collection of thoughts

A very good evening with friends over dinner tonight, as usual our talks cover a wide variety of topics. I mentioned that I would post some of the links to the TED talks that I mentioned tonight. So as promised here they are.

All of these will make you think.


Michael Pritchard’s water filter turns filthy water drinkable


Eric Giler demos wireless electricity


Cary Fowler: One seed at a time, protecting the future of food


Bailout Costs vs Big Historical Events

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