Life has been keeping me very busy so one of the first things that have fallen by the wayside sadly is blogging. We are planning to move house and trying to sort / purge and pack is a very overwhelming task. It appears to have caught up with me as I’ve been sick for the last few days. So I’ve taken cold meds and hopefully, by staying in bed I will heal faster.

I’ve been using this time to catch up on my RSS feed and notice that the Evernote Blog is doing a series on notetaking including commonplace books. A commonplace book is essentially a scrapbook or a journal where one would put ideas or thoughts about subjects one is reading about or learning. In the modern world, Evernote and Pinterest do similar things.

Many great figures of the past such as Francis Bacon, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau kept commonplace books.

One advantage we have today in keeping our commonplace books or any other type of journal electronically is the ability to search for materials and get a result back in seconds. My own Evernote setup includes a Projects folder where I put all manner of items that I have come across that I may want to refer back to later.

It’s worth your time to figure out if a commonplace book may work for you.