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Letter to Council re: Kingsmills – Fanshawe

Here is a copy of a letter I am sending to the Mayor and all members of London CIty Council in regards to the Kingsmills – Fanshawe proposal for downtown. For more info see here or here.


I am a resident of London in Ward 7, work in Soho and enjoy all aspects of what London has to offer.

Council’s decision to stop funding for Fanshawe’s expansion plan into the old Kingsmill’s building is a very shortsighted decision.

Many of you who voted against this campaigned on “Jobs Jobs Jobs” and to increase the tax base. Fanshawe expanding into the core will bring $86 million of “shovel ready” projects to the downtown core. In addition, over $9 million worth of direct economic activity would be realized for years. Not bad for an extra $1 million per year.

In addition reopening this debate would show great leadership of council in supporting the London Plan. Council has shown its support for the London plan and the downtown in the past. Studies have shown time and time again that bringing higher learning into downtown are a benefit to the downtown but also to the community as a whole. Look at Cambridge, Toronto and other centres for some examples. Please listen to the experts, particularly your own planning and financial staff. Part of council’s job is looking at the long-term, not just what may get you some sound bytes and votes in the next election if you are running again.

Several of you have indicated you are not planning to run again. Support a visionary project like this and let that be your legacy. There has been enough negative things said about this council in the last 4 years. Let’s try and have a positive thing.


Stuart Clark

Ward 7

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  1. Declining the request for more money was the correct decision. City council is showing responsibility and respect for the money they manage.

    The city is already committed to Fanshawe for millions. They do not need more.

    The city is not a bank. Its purpose is not to finance the projects of other organizations.

    The extraordinary cost of the Kingsmill project is partially because the building is ill-suited for the task. Fanshawe should pick a more suitable building.

    Fanshawe should get an education from Pillar regarding their recent purchase of 201 King Street financed largely through private donations and loans.

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