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On trying to find more focus

Last year I mentioned that I was stepping away from certain events to focus more time to starting a new job.  The job at rTraction has proven very satisfying and I can say without hesitation I enjoy going into work in the morning.  However it does remind me that there are bills to be paid and debts to be caught up on. Until we are caught up on these, the cash flow remains very tight every month.

My goal has always been to pursue some secondary income to help pay off this debt quicker and allow us some extra money to pursue some other interests.

However more and more I realize that I am still being pulled in too many directions. I admit I do have ‘shiny new thing’ syndrome at times, but I think the main problem is that I have a genuine interest in for too many things.

Off the top of my head these things currently have my interest, in no particular order.

  • Municipal politics re: citizen engagement
  • Helping make my community a better place
  • Government transparency
  • Open data particularly relating to health care reform.
  • Healthcare reform particularly for those with hi costs
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Photography
  • Gaming
  • Technology news
  • Weather watching
  • Model Kit building and model railways
  • Miniature painting
  • Writing on various subjects
  • Podcasting
  • Maker culture

As you can see quite a divergent list!  I do enjoy all the things I am involved in but I also have to make sure our financial future is more secure.  Having a better financial base also allows me to give back to the community more, both in the local economy and organizations.

(In fact people just getting by and not being able to devote time and money to their community is probably a good blog topic for another day. )

The big question is how?  This has been occupying my mind more and more the last month or two.  I have been feeling some decision paralyses on too many things lately and that is a sign that things must change.

I do have a consulting business and as well I’ve dabbled into writing and building a platform behind that. If I want to to really make a go of these, I need to give up or back away from some of the other things which I do and enjoy. in many cases there are other people doing a much better job then I am at some of these, there is nothing wrong in having to say no to some of these.

The long term goal would be to generate enough income that I could return to some of these other things.  The bigger problem is I have to try and avoid the ’shiny new thing’ that will attempt to distract me. I also have to come up with a plan.


  1. Finding your focus is a worthy pursuit. You are talented in so many areas, but sounds like you spread yourself too thin. From personal experience, I can say it is better to admit (to yourself) your weaknesses. A quick way to burnout is trying to be something that you are not. Decide what you are truly passionate about and what makes you happy. Figure out how the money you earn (and have already) can help you with that. Money is not equal to happiness. It is a tool that can help you achieve what you want. Time is worth more than money, and experiences are worth more than time.

    Best of luck – find your balance. If we can help we’re just a fence away.

    • Thanks for the comment, That’s exactly the direction I’m going. This new book I’m reading called Essentialism: by Greg ”Mckeown is quite an interesting read.

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