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Life has been keeping me very busy so one of the first things that have fallen by the wayside sadly is blogging. We are planning to move house and trying to sort / purge and pack is a very overwhelming task. It appears to have caught up with me as I’ve been sick for the last few days. So I’ve taken cold meds and hopefully, by staying in bed I will heal faster.

I’ve been using this time to catch up on my RSS feed and notice that the Evernote Blog is doing a series on notetaking including commonplace books. A commonplace book is essentially a scrapbook or a journal where one would put ideas or thoughts about subjects one is reading about or learning. In the modern world, Evernote and Pinterest do similar things.

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Coloring can make you more productive.

Coloring can make you more productive

The last few months have been very stressful as friends of mine can tell you. I also know other people in the community have been going through stressful times as well. One good thing about social media it does provide a way for people to support each other. Even a simple comment or encouragement can be very helpful.

Recently someone I know sent a message out that she was returning to a adult coloring event one  evening at one of the local library branches. I sent a note of encouragement and added I might drop in and say hi as I did have books to drop off to the library. I received a reply back saying “great I’ll have some stuff picked out for you to color”. Now how am I supposed to say no to that. 🙂

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On Tools and Inspiration

On Tools and Inspiration

When finding a better way to write people sometimes can overfocus on the tools to make the task more efficient. I have observed similar things in other hobbies like photography or even in professional settings like project management.

These days there has never been as many tools available for the aspiring writer (photographer etc) This is both a blessing and a curse as the sheer number of choices can produce decision paralysis, which is a fancy way of saying you can’t decide.

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