Random Thought Feb 11

Reading this article this morning about London City Council considering staff cuts, in particular outsourcing IT.

We have a council that wants to promote London and retain high skills and good jobs.  Good jobs include benefits.  If you outsource IT, most of these temp agencies and outsourcing companies do not provide benefits for their full time staff.  I know I worked for a temp agency for awhile.

Would someone who had a similar situation as myself and my wife when it comes to health benefits be able to afford to stay in London? Based on past history outsourcing could be both a pay cut and a loss in health benefits.

All this for a election promise?

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Josh Morgan in Ward 7

Josh Morgan in Ward 7

With my local councillor Matt Brown running for Mayor, I was very interested to see who would step up to represent the residents of my home ward. Ward 7 is in the North West corner of London and has a wide variety of citizens including single family homeowners, townhouses, condos and apartment dwellers, students, retail and business.

I am very pleased to hear that Josh Morgan has decided to be a candidate for London city council in Ward 7. I have known Josh for several years primarily with his work as chair of the London Public Library Board. In this role I have seen his ability to communicate with people from all parts of the community. He believes in transparency which he demonstrated when the London Public Library agreed to an outside auditor to review its operations confirming that it is one of the most efficient Libraries in the province.

Josh believes in London where he attended UWO as a student and works as Recruitment and Development Officer. He is a strong believer in public service as evidenced by his role on various boards and committees in the community.

Josh is someone who can represent all citizens of Ward 7 and the city as a whole. He will ensure that their needs are met in a fair, transparent and responsible way.

I can happily endorse Josh Morgan for Ward 7 councillor.

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Random Thought Feb 3rd.

Random Thought Feb 3rd.

Remember time is the only thing we can’t get more of.  We also all live on the same rock. How you choose to spend that time is something only you can decide.  What you spend it on can affect more than you.

Be forgiving but don’t sink down to the sludge, we need you up above.

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Matt Brown for Mayor

I’m so pleased that my ward councillor Matt Brown threw his hat into the ring to run for Mayor of London today.  Matt’s the sort of politician that will listen to people and thinks through all sides of an issue before making a decision.

I remember first meeting Matt when he came to my door during the 2010 campaign. In the short chat we had then it was apparent that Matt would not just agree with what ever potential voter answered the door. He would listen and would give his opinion on an issue and why he thought that way.

During the time he has been serving the residents of Ward 7 as well as the residents of the rest of the city of London, he has always tried to understand all sides of an issue and tried to find a compromise.  I have seen this both on council and at London Public Library Board meetings which I regularly attend. There have been times I have not always agreed with him, but I challenge anyone to find a candidate they will agree with every single issue on.

Politics is the art of compromise. Unfortunately it’s become very polarized.  We need people willing to listen and engage. Not just at election time as current people on council have said but throughout the term. And despite what some may say, your behaviour in and out of council will determine how people view your ideas. Gina Barber’s excellent post on becoming a councillor is also quite enlightening. I have found Matt to be hardworking and caring for the citizen’s of London.

I’m endorsing Matt based on my interactions and observations.  But don’t just vote for anyone without doing your own research.  Elect someone who you feel represents what you most want but is willing to listen to other views.  No one is right all the time and there are times that long-held beliefs are wrong and you may have your opinion changed.

In the end we all live in a community and we need to help all members of the community, but doing that we are so much better for it.


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